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We are all resilient, we are all survivors, but we don't always recognise or understand what our resilience really is. My approach offers the possibility to understand how ways of coping during troubled times can be problematic as we try to recover or move beyond just surviving. Together we can find new responses to challenging situations.


People seek help when they feel their resilience is being tested. If we get overwhelmed and worn down by all the challenging stuff, we may find ourselves unable to recognise or celebrate the good times.

Clients also seek help for issues around identity. Not everyone is accepted by their family, community, or wider society. It can feel like one has to sacrifice parts of oneself to fit in. We can explore these complex identities.


Getting started

The consultation is free and is designed to make sure we are a good match. You will have the opportunity to discuss why you feel you need counselling and what I can offer you. If you decided to continue, we can book six sessions and then review if you feel that is enough or want to continue.

I work with clients experiencing any of the following:

Complex identities (all intersections)

Identity discrimination (all intersections)

Separation from birth family

Raised outside racial/cultural heritage

Loss and bereavement


Relationship difficulties





Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday (weekly and fortnightly sessions)


Rates per session

Sliding scale £80-120 clients decide what they can afford within the scale

Free initial telephone consultation or free online chemistry session to see if we are a good match.



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