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One to one counselling

Bristol counselling

We are all resilient and have developed ways of coping whenever we have encountered difficulties; but we don't always recognise or understand what our resilience really is.  My approach offers the possibility to understand how  ways of coping might have been a vital survival mechanism during troubled times.  And how they can prove to be problematic as we try to recover or move forward.


People seek help when they feel their resilience is being tested. Life events affect our relationships with ourselves and others. Bereavement and loss, life changing illness, work related stress, job insecurity and unemployment are familiar themes in my practice.  If we get overwhelmed and worn down by all the challenging stuff we may find ourselves unable to recognise or celebrate the good times.


Parenting  birth children, step children or fostering and adoption presents some of the most rewarding experiences and difficult challenges, whilst some couples may struggle to conceive .


Getting started

The telephone consultation is free; as is the face to face chemistry session. Both are designed to make sure we are a good match. You will have the opportunity to discuss why you feel you need counselling and what I can offer you as a therapist.  If you decided to proceed we will begin with an initial session. It’s really important to me that you feel you have the right counsellor.  If we decide that I am not right for you I have many colleagues that I can refer you to.  If you decided to continue we can book six sessions and then review how you feel if you feel that is enough or want to continue.


I am qualified to work with clients experiencing difficulties with  any of the following:

Early childhood trauma



Fostering & Adoption

Loss and bereavement

Racial discrimination

Internal racism

Shadism / colourism

Racial identity

Mixed race relationships

Same sex relationships





Tuesday, Wednesday , Thursday and Friday


Rates per weekly session (fortnightly sessions when available)

Sliding scale £70-£95 ​for individuals

Free initial telephone consultation or free online chemistry session to see if we are a good match



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