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Privacy Policy

Professional and ethical guidelines require me to attend clinical supervision; in these sessions I never reveal a client’s personal details.

If we were to meet in public, unless you acknowledge me, I will not acknowledge you.

My details may appear on your bank statement according to the wording.

Only I have access to the secure storage of personal details.


I do not share data with any third parties.

You have the right to ask that any personal information be destroyed or amended at any time, and in writing.  I have to keep some data in order to meet necessary legal requirements. 


All information including notes, I am required to keep for seven years after the therapy is finished.  I then destroy all data and notes.


We can discuss the preferred method of contact: e-mails, texts or phone calls.  


I do advise clients that it is best not to communicate sensitive information on a text or in an e-mail.




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